Lumia 930: The Re-Review

  I recently bought a brand new Nokia Lumia 930.  Again.  After I bought one last year and sold it within a month.  Here, I try to explain my seemingly […]

Today Free Apps: Free Style!!

Today’s free apps have no rhyme or reason at all today we are letting it all hang out and going free style!  Well they have nothing in common expect they […]

Free Apps of the Day for Tuesday!!

  Another day, another round of free app specials brought to you by  Today is a productivity, business type of free app day.  Check them out below!

Lumia 1020 in Key West

Feeling trapped in the iron grip of a New York winter makes a bloke want to get as far away from snow and ice as possible, and luckily for me, […]

SoZoom to zoom!

If there’s one thing that can be said about my Nokia Lumia 1020 it’s that it is yellow. Very yellow. And what a beauty it is too! But unlike your […]

The App Folder App!

Yes, the new app that appeared yesterday, the App Folder app. Hmm. At first I was all like, ‘Yes! Folders! At last!’ But after about 15 minutes I was all […]

Instagram (BETA) arrives on Windows Phone!

Back at Nokia World 2013, Nokia announced that the official Instagram was finally coming to Windows Phone “in the coming weeks”. Well, Windows Phone users can now rejoice! It’s arrival […]