Windows Phone Apps: Shopper Calc

Need some help keeping tabs on your spending? Want to avoid a shock when you get to the check outs at the supermarket? We have an app which you may […]

Free Apps Weekend Photo Style

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that I am HUGE into mobile photography.  I have a folder full of photo editing apps some are great some are ok and […]

2015 and the Lumia 800

  Back in late-2011, Stephen Elop, the then-CEO of Nokia introduced the first Lumia phones to world, the 800 and the 710. They were Nokia’s first foray into Windows Phone, […]

Free Apps of the Day Finally Friday Style

The weekend is here!!  Time to sit back relax with the ones you love….By the ones you love I mean your Windows mobile device of course.  Want something new to […]