Where Microsoft’s Edge Browser has the Edge

One of the new features that arrived with Windows 10 was the Edge browser, a light weight, speedy replacement to Internet Explorer which, despite being pretty competent and smooth by […]

Point-and-Shoot vs. Nokias

It’s been said in the reviews all over the place: the Nokia Lumia 1020 has an absolutely superb built-in camera, as good or better than most “point-and-shoots”. Some would even […]

Power of Xenon: Nokia Lumia 1020

You may recall a video and post I did back in July looking at the Xenon flash on the Nokia N8, in which I photographed a fan spinning at top […]

Through the Lens of the Nokia Lumia 520

I’ve been using the Lumia 520 for about a week now as my main device and I have been going around the city taking random photos. I find the photos […]