808 PureView: red to white and back to red

  After foolishly selling my red Nokia 808 PureView, I have always considered buying another one to replace it. The 808 is one of those classic phones that, once you’ve […]

808 in the 808 state

I recently returned from a whirlwind trip that took me from my home in New York City to Europe, America’s Deep South, and then on to the beautiful islands of […]

Symbian Tenacity

    I’ve written stuff on Symbian before. Probably bored everyone to death. But after two weeks using Symbian almost exclusively, I have to say this old, aging, decrepit and […]

N8 and E7 going cheap on Amazon

A few days ago, while trawling through pages at Amazon to see how much Nokias were going for these days, my mouth fell open as I saw that the excellent […]

Symbian Belle Homescreens

Here is a little video I shot, showing the amount of home screens you  can have on Symbian Belle as well as how to add and delete them, few people […]