Surface Studio 2

Microsoft Might Release a Surface Studio Monitor in 2020

Microsoft might release a monitor-only version of the Surface Studio in 2020. Brad Sams claims this in Beneath A Surface, a new book detailing the history of Microsoft’s Surface efforts.  Reports suggest that the […]

Pre-ordered a Surface Studio? Shipped it now…

Surface studio is the most latest and greatest device ever launched by the tech giant Microsoft. It was the most attracting announcement at Microsoft October event. So many people have […]

Surface Studio Specs and Pics!

With the announcement of the Surface Studio desktop PC at the Ignite 2016 event still fresh in our ears, we now have some specifications for Microsoft’s 28 inch flagship PC. […]

See Microsoft’s Surface Studio Promo Videos

Not long after Microsoft taking to the stage to announce some new devices at the Ignite 2016 event and their Surface YouTube channel have posted some promo videos! Below you […]