Qualcomm Snapdragon rolled out a new processor

Qualcomm Snapdragon has recently launched a new processor. The Snapdragon 870 is a successor to last year’s Snapdragon 865 and 865 plus. Snapdragon 870 processor, not a next-generation processor. The […]

Apple might ship its first 5G iPhones in 2020

The first 5G-capable iPhones from Apple, reportedly expected in the latter half of 2020, will be fitted with Qualcomm’s X55 5G modem. Qualcomm unveiled its second-gen Snapdragon X55 5 G […]

Snapdragon 875

Snapdragon 845 Official Details

Does anyone remember the Snapdragon 835 processor? Nor do we, because the 845 is the new kid on campus and it is a big deal. We’re going to start with […]