Jolla Sell Less Than 20,000 Smartphones in 2014?

Plucky Finnish smartphone manufacturers Jolla have never revealed exactly how many smartphones they have managed to sell but with the recent revelations of their financial performance in 2014 I am […]

Geek Fest 2014!

  For me, the best thing about being involved in the mobile phone blogosphere is the fantastic group of people who are writing, podcasting and uploading videos for us all […]

Jolla is ‘open’, not stupid

Stefano Mosconi, Jolla’s CTO and one of its founding members has just posted a superb article over on his ‘somethingMeaningful’ blogspot. In it, he details some of the inner feelings […]

Happy 2nd Birthday, N9!

    I’m two days late with this post. Two days ago, September 27th marked the two year anniversary of when Nokia began shipping the mysterious but equally compelling MeeGo-powered […]

Pre-book your Jolla phone

If you’re in the United States and you’re after some Jolla phone action, then right now, you can sign-up on their website to ‘pre-book’ a Jolla phone for free. For […]

JOLLA: a MeeGo fan’s perspective

Jolla today released details of their upcoming smartphone device, named the ‘Jolla phone’ at the moment, and they also began the process of signing up interested people to preorder the […]