google pixel 6 series

Google Pixel 6 series is finally out!

As promised, Google is here with its most awaited lineup, the Google Pixel 6 series. With the company releasing official information on the lineup from months ahead, we got the […]

Google Pixel 6 Series

Google Pixel 6 Series: Key Specks Leaked!

Today in a Twitter post by @thisistechtoday, we got new leaks of the Google Pixel 6 Series. The post gives detailed information on the specifications and pricing of the handset. […]

Pixel 6 Series: Hyped with Google Original Chips!

Google has come up with another mind-boggling advertising technique to hype its latest Pixel 6 Series. In Japan, the company is selling “Google Original Chips” highlighting its Tensor SoC present […]

google pixel 6 series

Pixel 6 teaser on Instagram!

Looks like for the Pixel 6 launch Google is getting creative, The company is giving us the teasers of the upcoming handset on Instagram through its @madebygoogle handle. Google posted […]