Nokia 808 PureView – first few days

      Ever since Nokia announced the 808 PureView at MWC last year, I’ve been like a moth drawn to candlelight. Throughout most of 2012, while loving my MeeGo […]

Nokia N8 & My Vegas Vacation

I recently went away to Las Vegas to visit my family, I usually take a standalone camera, but ever since I purchased my Nokia N8 close to a year ago […]

Symbian Belle Homescreens

Here is a little video I shot, showing the amount of home screens you  can have on Symbian Belle as well as how to add and delete them, few people […]

Mega camera update for Nokia N8-00.

With the Symbian Anna update, we received some cosmetic changes to the camera app which made using the camera a bit easier and quicker. Well now you can now head […]

N8 pics from high above.

On my Return  Trip from  Las Vegas coming home from #NokiaUnfenced Thanks to WomWorld & NokiaUs I finally was riding in a window seat and I wanted to test the […]

Super Macro shot using the Nokia N8

Here is a little video tip on how to take a super close up shot using the Nokia N8, hope this helps anyone trying to get those super close ups, […]