2015 and the Lumia 800

  Back in late-2011, Stephen Elop, the then-CEO of Nokia introduced the first Lumia phones to world, the 800 and the 710. They were Nokia’s first foray into Windows Phone, […]

Lumia 930: The Re-Review

  I recently bought a brand new Nokia Lumia 930.  Again.  After I bought one last year and sold it within a month.  Here, I try to explain my seemingly […]

Geek Fest 2014!

  For me, the best thing about being involved in the mobile phone blogosphere is the fantastic group of people who are writing, podcasting and uploading videos for us all […]

Nokia N9 – struggling in 2014

    About a week ago, I decided to do a little experiment: to see if I could still use (and enjoy using) a Nokia N9 as my only smartphone […]

Nokia: Design Beyond Belief

Nokia: Design Beyond Belief That’s the tagline I would’ve gone with after they stopped using “Connecting People” under the famous “NOKIA” logo. Nokia has produced some of the best designs […]

Point-and-Shoot vs. Nokias

It’s been said in the reviews all over the place: the Nokia Lumia 1020 has an absolutely superb built-in camera, as good or better than most “point-and-shoots”. Some would even […]

Start Screen Bliss

It wasn’t that long ago that I was lugging a Nokia 808 PureView around in my pocket, whilst also considering switching my SIM card over to my Nokia N9 when […]

The App Folder App!

Yes, the new app that appeared yesterday, the App Folder app. Hmm. At first I was all like, ‘Yes! Folders! At last!’ But after about 15 minutes I was all […]

2003 and 2013: quite a difference!

Ten years ago, in 2003, things in the mobile world were very, very different to the landscape that we live in today. Back then, the phone I was rocking was […]