Nokia N8 Vs Iphone4 screen comparison

Here is a screen comparison from the guys over at mforum , comparing the iphone 4’s 960×640 retina display vs the Nokia N8 640×360 amoled display, by all accounts you […]

Great New Nokia N8 Promo Video

Here is a Great new Nokia N8 Promo Video That Fellow Blogger @jebbrilliant said makes him want a Nokia N8 now. Check out the video below from S60betalabs and let […]

Which Nokia N8 are you?

Which Nokia N8 are you? If you were to choose.. What color N8 are you going to get? I am Nokia N8 Black.. Ever since Nokia came out with the […]

Did you Pre-order your Nokia N8 Yet???

Today Nokia Usa Has the Nokia N8 available for pre-order, The pre-order price is $549.00 which you can pre-order here, price is a little to high for me right now, […]