Microsoft’s Sensible Phone Strategy

The news is out: Microsoft is cutting 7,800 jobs and most of the damage will occur within their hardware [read: ex-Nokia] division. This, to me, is no real surprise. When […]

Critical Update Coming for the Lumia 930

If you have a Nokia Lumia 930 you may want to check for an update.  There is a critical update coming to stop it from crashing and spontaneously reboot.  While […]

Free Apps of the Day Finally Friday Style

The weekend is here!!  Time to sit back relax with the ones you love….By the ones you love I mean your Windows mobile device of course.  Want something new to […]

Lumia 930: The Re-Review

  I recently bought a brand new Nokia Lumia 930.  Again.  After I bought one last year and sold it within a month.  Here, I try to explain my seemingly […]

Lumia 435 Vs Lumia 930; Can it Keep Up?

So a speed comparison between the Lumia 930 and the 435, no surprises that the much higher spec’d and higher priced 930 won pretty much every test!? But what I […]

Microsoft: Welcome the Gold Lumia 930 and 830

Microsoft Mobile have introduced the golden versions of the Flagship Lumia 930 and it’s little brother the Lumia 830 on their Lumia Conversations blog, which we heard about earlier this […]