Hands On Video with Nokia’s Lumia 625

I’ve had the Nokia Lumia 625 on loan from Nokia Connects for the last week or so. This video, which can also be found on our YouTube channel, is a […]

Lumia 625 Proving Popular in India

The Nokia Lumia 625, which should be launching in various markets around the end of August bringing with it the largest screen yet seen on a Nokia smartphone at 4.7 […]

Nokia Lumia 625 Promo Video

Nokia have uploaded a Lumia 625 promo video to their YouTube Channel. The Lumia 625 which comes with a 4.7 inch screen, the largest yet seen on a Nokia phone, […]

Nokia Lumia 625 officially announced!

After a couple days of leaked photos and specs, the Lumia 625 has officially been announced by Nokia. The official specs match that of those leaked beforehand: 4.7” LCD screen […]

New Nokia Lumia 625 render leaks

Evleaks is at it again! With the recent flurry of leaks regarding the Lumia 625 the day before its official announcement, our favorite leak-ster has tweeted a photo of the […]