Photos taken with the iPhone 6s [Gallery]

Just how good is the new iSight camera? When Apple unveiled the new iPhone 6s and 6s+, they decided to finally give us the first substantial camera upgrade in 3 […]

2014’s Least Improved Windows Phone Apps

Following on from Izzi’s earlier post, My 5 most improved Windows Phone apps of 2014 I thought I’d approach things from a different angle and take a look at the […]

Lumia Icon: Is The Camera That Good

Hey guys we here at Nokia Innovation were fortunate enough to get our hands on The Nokia Lumia Icon , Verizon’s flagship windows phone  from the awesome folks at NokiaUs. […]

Richard Dorman – 808 and 1020 master

EMPTYSPACE One of the things, actually one of the major things, that draws us to Nokia devices is their imaging prowess. Ever since my first “proper” Nokia phone, the N900 […]

Nokia Lumia 800 flickr photo set

Took some pictures of the 2 day trial Nokia Lumia 800 and uploaded them to flickr.  Click on this link to our flickr page. These pics were taken with my […]