Night Sight

Google Pixel Night Sight Test

What is “Night Sight” Google’s new night sight camera mode was announced during Google’s hardware event on October 9th among many other announcements. As far back as the HTC One […]

[Health Tech] Misfit Flash Link

Following our recent Misfit Flash review and prior to our upcoming review of the Misfit Shine, Misfit have released a new product, or more correctly a repackage of the Misfit […]

“Belle Delight” on the 808 PureView

  I needed to replace my SDcard in my Nokia 808 PureView as it was rather foolish of me to start out using this camera-centric device with just an 8GB […]

Nokia Lumia 810 photos

It’s been a while since I had to send the Lumia 810 back, and much has happened since then, so my little piece on the photos that I took with […]