E is for Extinct. Or is it? (Part 1)

In late 2014 it is becoming more and more difficult to remember a time when the device in your pocket that you used every day was more-than-likely a phone that […]

Nokia: Design Beyond Belief

Nokia: Design Beyond Belief That’s the tagline I would’ve gone with after they stopped using “Connecting People” under the famous “NOKIA” logo. Nokia has produced some of the best designs […]

More updates for Symbian!

Another week, another AllAboutSymbian post reporting even more updates for the so-called “dead” platform. Nice!   Looks like they’ve decided to polish up Email, Calendar and Nokia Music this time, […]


  Navifirm, the PC program used to get software updates prior to their official release has finally been locked down to anyone who doesn’t have authorized access. I first caught […]

2 months with the N950

  Having come from a Nokia N900, I know what it is like to fully appreciate a full landscape qwerty keyboard, while being immersed in the wonderful and unique Maemo […]

Nokia QWERTY Heaven

  I was not one of those ‘business types’ who went out and bought the Nokia 9000 Communicator in 1996, mainly because I was still in college and nowhere near […]

N8 and E7 going cheap on Amazon

A few days ago, while trawling through pages at Amazon to see how much Nokias were going for these days, my mouth fell open as I saw that the excellent […]

Why Nokia?

In the past five years since moving from England to New York, I’ve been asked this short question many times. Perhaps it’s because in those five years, just about everyone […]

Why I choose the N8 over the E7.

I have had My Nokia E7 for  few weeks now , Big Thanks goes out to the good people over at WomWorld for letting me trial one. The E7 is […]