Huawei Mate 20 to come with a 6.9″ amoled display

Recent reports reveal Huawei’s forthcoming Mate 20 smartphone will feature a whopping 6.9-inch Samsung Display AMOLED screen. The device is tipped to launch late this year or in Q1Y19. According […]

Nokia N8 Vs Iphone4 screen comparison

Here is a screen comparison from the guys over at mforum , comparing the iphone 4’s 960×640 retina display vs the Nokia N8 640×360 amoled display, by all accounts you […]

Nokia N8 or E7 You Decide.

Today Nokia officially announced the Nokia E7 the next communicator, its a 4″ amoled display with cdb (clear Black Display), full slide out qwerty, 8mp camera and much more full […]