Amazon brings new smart home controls

Amazon is adding some new features, in the menu of Amazon Fire tablets. Which control Alexa accessed smart home devices. New device dashboards, which are rolling out from today can […]


Alexa devices will get ad-free Amazon Music

Starting today, Alexa devices will play music from Amazon Music without any advertisement. Just like what Google did with Google Home products. But, do not be too happy at all. […]


Alexa crashed considerably on Christmas

Yesterday, on Christmas, Amazon’s own Voice Assistant ‘slept’, as people logged in into several new Amazon Echo devices at once. Yes, Alexa went down yesterday! Amazon Alexa got overload with […]

Skype for Amazon Echo

Skype comes to Amazon Echo Devices

Microsoft and Amazon’s partnership continues as Amazon echo devices are getting Skype calling feature. Devices like the Echo Dot which don’t have any kind of display can be used to […]