The App Folder App!

Yes, the new app that appeared yesterday, the App Folder app. Hmm. At first I was all like, ‘Yes! Folders! At last!’ But after about 15 minutes I was all […]

808 2 1020

Wonderful things, smartphones. Even better when they can do a lot more than other smartphones. In 2012, Nokia released the superbly capable 808 PureView, showing the world that you could […]


How did you start your day, on September 3rd? Mine began as normally as any other, for the first ten minutes. I got out of bed, used the loo, fed […]

920 vs 925 Lumia Cameras Compared

As you maybe aware, I have a Nokia Lumia 925 for a couple of weeks, and I thought I’d compare it’s camera with my Lumia 920. Both phones feature an […]

Nokia wins injuction against HTC

    As Reuters is reporting right now, Nokia has won their microphone battle against HTC, effectively banning sales of the HTC One in the Netherlands.     The basic premise of […]

More hints at a Lumia Tablet via Mr. Elop??

    Many Lumia users and let’s face it, even non-Lumia users have been drooling at the idea of a possible Nokia Lumia tablet. With the gorgeous form factor, groundbreaking […]