“Belle Delight” on the 808 PureView

  I needed to replace my SDcard in my Nokia 808 PureView as it was rather foolish of me to start out using this camera-centric device with just an 8GB […]

Symbian Tenacity

    I’ve written stuff on Symbian before. Probably bored everyone to death. But after two weeks using Symbian almost exclusively, I have to say this old, aging, decrepit and […]

More updates for Symbian!

Another week, another AllAboutSymbian post reporting even more updates for the so-called “dead” platform. Nice!   Looks like they’ve decided to polish up Email, Calendar and Nokia Music this time, […]

Symbian is dead. OH DO SHUT UP!!

  I am a proud owner of a red Nokia 808 PureView, so I knew what I was getting into. The last Symbian phone? Sure, I knew that the day […]