winter tech

Tech to Prepare You for Bad Winter Weather

As the winter season approaches, you must take steps to prepare for the weather conditions that come with it. Certain regions of the country are more prone to extreme winter […]

birthday sale

Google birthday sale puts 20% discount on most items!

Google has been celebrating its birthday on September 27th despite incorporating on September 4th,1998. The company usually celebrates this by having a birthday sale for its customers. Furthermore, the Asia-Pacific […]


How AI Can Assist in Rapid COVID-19 Testing

Research from UC Davis and Allegiant Travel Company has discovered a new rapid testing method for COVID-19. The test, which pairs artificial intelligence (AI) and mass spectrometry, could provide faster, […]

OLED panels

Samsung: OLED panels out for mass production!

Samsung’s latest OLED panels were launched in March of this year. Now we are finally going to see them in mass production. Furthermore, Samsung is going to debut its 14-inch […]

5 Advantages of Custom Software Development

Regardless of the sphere of technology, every company owner wants the product to contain a certain personalized element. This feature makes any service or product unique and remarkable. To satisfy […]