Asus Chromebook

Asus Chromebook: Now specks revealed!

Asus is soon going to launch an Asus Chromebook tablet which is market towards the students and schools. It has features that are aimed to make the application of the […]

Chrome OS

Chrome OS to get Android-like Media controls.

Google is working constantly to improve and add features on the Chrome OS. Google has started revamping the Chrome OS long ago, and release the new revamped design with Chrome […]


Chromebook will get a Recycle bin in the future.

Just after the last Visual Impairment updates, Google is now adding the long-awaited thing inside the Chromebook. This also includes Dark Mode, Screen Recorder and many other small improvements as […]

Chrome OS: Could it be great for Tablets?

A Brief History of Tablets: For as long as the tech industry can remember tablets have struggled to find their place in the market. Sure, iPads have taken off, but […]

Chrome OS

From Windows 10 to Chrome OS Day 1:

What Chromebook did I buy?: I bought a refurbished Acer R13 running Chrome OS with 64gb of storage. I bought this specific Chromebook because I felt it was a good […]