Screen recording

Top Screen Recorders For PC Of 2021

You may need to record all you do on the computer’s screen for various purposes, and in the past, it wasn’t so easy. Nowadays, when technologies go forward and give […]

TikTok: Now testing Stories feature!

It has been confirmed that Tiktok is now testing the Stories feature in the app. This feature was first reported by Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) via posts on Twitter.  According to […]


Super and Subscript in docs

While there are a lot of people in IT or in any other industry that works with Google docs and Google sheets every single day to organize particular information and […]

Pinterest bans all weight loss ads

Pinterest is banning all ads with weight loss language and imagery. Including ads that idealize or denigrate certain body types. The digital pinboard site said it would also not allow […]