Amazon is now letting users register for the Pixel 7a.

As of now, the Google Pixel 7 series is doing pretty great, with the Pixel 7 Pro being the show’s star. However, Google is also working on a mid-range Pixel 7a device, which might get launched early next year. But, on Amazon, you can quickly sign up to raise your interest in the upcoming smartphone.

Pixel A series is meant for those on a tight budget, but who want a decent to a good phone with Google’s software. With the Pixel 6a, although it faced the same fingerprint issue, fixed later, and did pretty well. Now the following Pixel 7a is in the line. Although Amazon hasn’t shared the launch date, it let you sign up for the announcement. This means Google might be getting ready to announce the device this Winter.

As for the specifications, it seems that the Pixel 7a might come with a smaller display, in the range of 6.0-6.1-inch. The codename of the device is “Felix” and will come with the newly announced Tensor G2 SoC, with the new camera visor design. One thing to note, Amazon is mentioning the launch as the Pixel 7a family which might lead to the fact that there will be an XL variant again. It is yet to be seen what Google is planning to do this year with the Pixel A series.

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Source: GSMArena

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