Google Messages gets new features!

Today, Google is introducing a number of new features for Messages that will make the fundamental functionality more practical, similar to a YouTube PiP. This comes after a series of announcements that were made in March.

RCS will soon allow users of Messages to reply to specific messages. For more direct responses and communication, just swipe right (or long-press and tap the respond button).

YouTube URLs can already be played inline in Google Messages, and now PiP users may as well (picture-in-picture). The PiP windows are normally located at the top of the screen, but you can move them about to communicate and watch at the same time. When you end a discussion, the floating player shuts down.

If a message contains addresses, phone numbers, door codes, or other information that you might want to easily retrieve later, Google will propose discussions to star in order to be more helpful. When contextually appropriate, these recommendations also apply to making Meet calls (“Can you talk now?”) and organising Calendar events (“Let’s meet at 6 pm on Tuesday”). These prompts operate privately on the device, and no data is shared. Similar to this, Messages allows you to make manual reminders that will notify you whenever you like about a certain communication. Similar to Gmail’s Snoozing feature, the ensuing notification will allow you to postpone the reminder by an additional hour.

Last but not least, Google is collaborating with airlines to make free RCS texting available over in-flight Wi-Fi. United is the first partner this autumn on the majority of cell carriers, with intentions to grow.

Regarding RCS, Google announced last week that group end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for Messages is still on schedule for a rollout that will begin later this year and go until 2023.

The Google Messages beta already has some features (such as answers and transcription), while others, such as YouTube PiP and SMS reactions, won’t be accessible until “the coming weeks.”

via - 9to5google

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