Pixel Watch to be charged only with the inbox charger!

Like many other smartwatches, Google’s recently released Pixel Watch comes with a little wireless charging puck in the box. But unlike some rivals, the Pixel Watch is only designed to be charged via the included charger.

The company made the following statement to 9to5Google because it felt the need to clarify the situation:

Qi charging is not supported on the Google Pixel Watch. There may be some charging configurations where reverse wireless or Qi charging appears to work. This will be very device and charger specific and is not guaranteed to provide a consistent, steady or strong charge. Note that in some cases, this could cause the device to discharge while on charger. Pixel Watch only supports charging with the inbox charger provided.

If you put the Pixel Watch on a phone (one that supports reverse wireless charging) or a Qi charging pad, it seems that you can, with a lot of fussing, get it to show that it’s charging. However, it is lying because, as Google noted in its statement, it is actually discharging.

It appears that the problem may be caused by the internal Pixel Watch wireless charging coil’s tiny size. Therefore, if you don’t want to experience any unpleasant surprises, it is advised to just use the included charger.

via - GSMArena

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