Google Pixel Tablet : Coming 2023!

Google just had its huge launch event for the year, MadeByGoogle 22′. Along with the Pixel7 handsets and Watch, the company also gave us a glimpse of its upcoming Google Pixel tablet. Google product manager Rose Yao today unveiled some of the device’s primary features, following the search giant’s May I/O announcement that it was developing the gadget.

One of the most notabe feature is a magnetic wireless speaker charging dock that is intended to turn your tablet into a smart display for your home. It resembles a Nest Hub Max when docked, listens to Google Assistant commands, and allows you to manage your smart home via the updated Home app.

According to Yao, Google’s Tensor G2 processor will power the tablet, just like it does for its Pixel 7 smartphones. It will use the Material You design language for its UI. The tablet features a nano-ceramic coating added to its 100% recycled aluminium body to give it a porcelain-like look, according to Google’s design director Isabelle Olsson.

Google worked on a number of Android tablets between 2012 and 2018, first through partnerships with other manufacturers on Nexus tablets, and subsequently with its Google-branded Pixel C and Pixel Slate models. The majority of their issues were software-related, with the Pixel Slate in particular suffering from glitches and inadequate app support.

But more lately, Google has been working to address long-standing issues with Android tablets. The company’s Android 12L version was jam-packed with features for devices with large screens, including as an improved taskbar and enhanced support for multitasking. It has also been collaborating with app developers to produce more apps that are tablet-friendly.

The Google Pixel Tablet is going to be Google’s first since declaring in 2019 that it was finished with the form factor. The device is set to launch next year, 2023.

via -  The Verge

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