Key features of the Pixel7 series revealed via leaked ads

Today, Google commercials for the Pixel7 series were leaked, revealing the standout characteristics of the lineup.

The leaked advertisement of the Pixel 7 Pro begins by emphasizing “Macro Focus” to “see tiny details” in pictures. The telephoto lens or the ultra-wide angle lens, which has “autofocus” unlike the Pixel 7 camera, might be used in this situation. It is branded as “Super Res Zoom”. The Camera app and the UI along with the Magic Eraser function remain similar.

Other features highlighted in the ads include Live Translate which functions when you speak, read or type. The Google Lens app uses it to translate food-related signs. The last feature that we get to see in the ad is the Extreme Battery Saver setting that allows “stay out for up to 72 hours.

“Get the close up, do magic, know the language with the Google Pixel 7 Pro”

The leaked Pixel 7 advertisement reveals that Cinematic Blur, which is intended to “give videos a dramatic appearance,” has replaced Macro Focus.

“Do magic, know the language, stay out with the Google Pixel 7.”

via - SnoopyTech (@_snoopytech_) / Twitter

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