Galaxy A54 might have a “downgraded” camera, to feature a 50MP sensor.

Rumors are flowing in about yet to be announced later this year or probably next year, Galaxy A54 will feature a downgrade in the primary camera. According to GalaxyClub, the upcoming Galaxy A54 will feature a 50MP sensor, which is somewhat a “downgrade” in the A-series.

As per the reports, the Galaxy A54 will get a 50MP sensor, which in the previous generations was a 64MP sensor. The existing Galaxy A52, A52s, and A53 have a 64MP sensor. But chances are Samsung will switch to larger 50MP sensors for better photos, maybe the same sensor we see in the Galaxy S22 right now. Also, the sensor might be a good one but not as good as the flagships.

As this is the only rumor for the upcoming Galaxy A-series, we should take it with a grain of salt for now.

Source: GSMArena

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