Truecaller Assistant: Here to block out the scammers!

Around 86% of Americans claim to only pick up the phone only when they can identify the caller or company. And Truecaller is here exclusively for the US to solve this issue.

The company has developed an AI-powered feature, “Truecaller Assistant”. It uses speech-to-text, machine learning, and natural language processing technologies, making it the most effective call-screening technology now on the market.

“Assistant is a game changer for the global market because it does so much more than simply
block robocalls. Until now, you had to make a split-second decision as to whether you think a
call is important,” said Alan Mamedi, Co-founder and CEO at Truecaller. “Assistant focuses
on what the caller is saying to filter out the robocalls and spam so you know whether the call is
worth your time or not.”

Truecaller Assistant is basically a personalized and interactive digital receptionist that enables users to answer important calls and filter out undesirable ones. The assistant replies immediately and comprehends caller demands >90% of the time. In order to identify the caller and understand their motive, users can also view a live transcription of what they are saying. Then, with the touch of a button, users can choose whether answer the call, designate it as spam, or request further information from the caller.

Thanks to Truecaller Assistance, you no longer have to miss any of your important calls and updates which would otherwise be lost in the sea of spam and scam calls/messages you receive all day long.

“We created Assistant because spam and scams have increased so much that Americans are
overcorrecting and simply not answering their phones at all,” said Raphael Mimoun, Cloud
Telephony Product Director at Truecaller. “Assistant leverages technology other call
screeners lack, so it becomes more clear which calls you want to engage with and which you
may want to ignore.”

The feature is currently available as a 14-day free trial, both on Android and iOS. After this trial period, members can choose to add Assistant as part of the Truecaller Premium. The service will debut in the US and in English, and additional areas and languages will soon be added.

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via - Press Release Truecaller Assistant

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