Google Pixel tablet: Key features!

Google announced its long-awaited comeback to the tablet market at the I/O 2022 event in May and provided a sneak peek at the design. The Mountain View company stated the tablet will launch in 2023, but that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from intermittently disclosing fresh information about the Pixel tablet.

Pixel tablet

The Pixel tablet has reportedly entered the EVT (engineering validation test) phase, which follows after the prototype stage, according to developer Kuba Wojciechowski. Thus, Google has completed the design (and probably the hardware as well). Wojciechowski claims that Google has sent several Pixel Tablets to India for certification and EVT.

Speculated Specifications of Pixel tablet:

  • 10.95-inch display
  • Google’s first-gen Tensor SoC.
  • 128GB and 256GB internal storage
  • Supports Wi-Fi 6 and USI 2.0 stylus
  • Rear Camera – Dual-cameras 
  • 64-bit only version of Android 13 
  • Lacks GPS hardware, a modem, and high-fidelity sensor processing
Pixel tablet

Another story that claimed Google was developing a new Nest Hub with a dockable tablet design where the screen detaches from the base recently surfaced. It is possible that it is the screen portion of the purported Nest Hub and was designed to be utilized inside a home while connected to Wi-Fi.


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