Pixel Watch: More band colors emerge! 

The Pixel Watch’s latest leak provides information on the band colors and designs that will be offered at launch, as Google is already stepping up its Pixel Watch tease.

A 15-second teaser featuring the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, Watch, and Buds Pro, also known as the “Google Pixel Collection,” was released by Made by Google today. The slogan for the video is “A world of support, designed around you.” Here, it’s noteworthy to see a quick glimpse of another analog watch face design that employs different forms as hour markers. In recent advertisements, Google has used an analog face without any marks (to presumably mask the bezel thickness).

Pixel Watch

Analog face marks explained:

  • 1 and 7: Pill
  • 2 and 8: Circle
  • 3 and 9: Rounded square 
  • 4 and 10: Triangle
  • 5 and 11: Pentagon
  • 6: Google ‘G’
  • 12: Circle

It’s a bit chaotic, with one complication slot at 6 o’clock for Google Assistant and a rather thick hour hand.

Pixel Watch

The in-box strap, which is essentially a Fitbit Infinity Band, comes in four colors: Chalk (white/beige), Charcoal (grey), Hazel Lemongrass (yellow/green), and Obsidian (black), according to our $349 price assessment. On Twitter, SnoopyTech mentioned that it would also be offered in Coral, Google’s orange/salmon color.

The cloth “Women” bands we mentioned earlier will also be offered in Coral, Ivy, and Lemongrass. In our June band investigation, we also covered Google’s work on two other leather band kinds. Yesterday, it was revealed that there will be Ivy and Obsidian hues, as well as small, medium, and big sizes.

This leak gives an indication of what may be accessible close to launch. We previously said that not all strap styles might be instantly available.

via: 9to5google.com

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