Pixel 7 series to come to India soon.

It has been a very long time since Google last launched a mainstream Pixel device after the Pixel 3 series in India. Right after the Pixel 3 series, Google launched the Pixel 4a, and now the Pixel 6a in India. Whereas the mainstream Pixels never entered the market. And now, finally, we get to see the Pixel 7 series coming to India.

Back when the Pixel 4 series was released with Project Soli, it didn’t qualify for the Indian certification thanks to the Radar Technology inbuilt in Pixel 4. And since then India was partially omitted from being one of the prominent markets to launch the flagships.

I guess where did Project Soli go now?

In the year 2022, we saw Pixel 6a coming to India, and now we are going to see the flagships coming to the market. The teaser for the same was shared by Flipkart today. The teaser image shares the detail that the Pixel 7 is going to launch soon, with Tensor G2 SoC. Other than that, the pricing isn’t shared yet.

The Pixel 7 is going up for preorders on October 6th, and it seems, it might launch the very same day in India, and the rest of the market.

More is yet to be seen.

Source: Flipkart

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