PUBG Mobile: Version 2.2 now out!

A brand-new edition of PUBG’s mobile game, which will include a tonne of new features and a brand-new map, is about to be released. The redesigned Erangel map, a new game mode, and aesthetic tweaks to the surroundings are all included in PUBG 2.2.


The new level, Nusa, is an island paradise that sounds a lot like the Caldera map from Call of Duty: Warzone, which was released earlier this year. The map also has a Super Recall element that allows eliminated players to respawn as long as they still have a buddy alive. Players who are alone will immediately respawn. Regarding Erangel, the land around it has been altered visually and is home to new locations.


All of the PUBG Mobile maps will have the so-called Gear Front Mode, which provides additional supply and traversal possibilities. It’s a themed mode with frantic gun battles, more opponent encounters, new skills, and speedier area exploration.

via: GSMArena

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