Google Photos: New Collage editor update along with additional features

The Memories feature of Google Photos is getting a new update that includes a tonne of changes. This update, which comes nearly three years after Memories’ initial release, might be one of the most significant ones so far. In addition to redesigning Memories, the update, according to Google, will also add new memory types, memory styles, memory sharing, and a collage editor tool.

Google has created what it refers to as “full Cinematic Memories” in terms of memory kinds. In 2020, Cinematic Memory made moving, 3D reconstructions of the images in your memories for the first time. Full Cinematic Memories seems to expand on that idea by changing numerous still images and connecting them end-to-end to create an immersive experience similar to a movie.

A new “Styles” tool that automatically adds visual content to your Memories will also be included in the update. Aimed at scrapbook enthusiasts, Google claims that there will be a variety of designs and limited-time Styles at launch from artists including Shantell Martin and Lisa Congdon.

It appears that Google has also considered the user’s need for a means to showcase the Memories to friends and family. The upgrade will allow you to share complete Memories with other Android users, whereas Google Photographs previously only allowed you to share photos. While sharing is not now accessible on iOS or the web, Google promises that it will be soon.

Users may choose photographs, pick designs, and change the layout using drag-and-drop capabilities in the Google Photos collage editor. The feature can also be used to alter photographs right inside the collage maker. Meanwhile, Google One subscribers or Pixel owners get access to more than 30 additional designs and receive additional editing tools like Portrait Light or HDR.

These modifications to Memories follow a Google Photos upgrade from last month that enhanced the Magic Eraser tool’s useful camouflage feature. Future additions to Google Photos are something we eagerly anticipate.

via -  Android Authority

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