Someone got their hands on the Pixel 7 Pro releasing an unboxing video.

Although Google already showcased their Pixel 7 series in the event for the Pixel 6a launch, and the official launch is near, this year, yet again, someone got their hands on the Pixel 7 Pro before anyone in the world.

A retailer from Bangladesh, Gadgetfull BD managed to get his hands on the official Pixel 7 Pro, and released an unboxing video on his Facebook page. The box is for the black variant, and with the unboxing, it is clear what we can expect inside the box.

Other than the unboxing experience, which is nearly equivalent to the Pixel 6 Pro unboxing, moreover, shares nothing about if anything is new in the device or so. Maybe that is for some other time, but there are speculations that this year Google will tone down the curved edge display a bit.

The box design is identified as the Pixel 6 Pro, the box consists of a Quick Switch adapter, a Type-C to Type-C USB cable, but no charging adapter, yet again.

Source: 9to5Google

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