Tensor’s Third generation in making at Samsung

While the Tensor 2 chipset is all set to launch with the upcoming Pixel 7 series, Google is now working with Samsung on the Third generation of Tensor. Not only that, the chipset is also rumored to be in the early testing phase too.

According to the folks at GalaxyClub, Google is testing the third generation of Tensor under the “Ripcurrent” development board. Tensor 2 is being developed under the name “Cloudripper,” as we have previously reported. According to reports, the third-generation Tensor chip has the model number S5P9865, which is typical of Tensor processors. Tensor 2 is believed to be model S5P9855, while Tensor 1 has the model number S5P9845.

It is noteworthy that Google will continue to work with Samsung at least through the third generation of its own processor. When examining the original Tensor chip more closely, it becomes clear that Samsung’s work with Exynos processors played a significant role in its development.

The original Tensor chip’s connectivity performance fell considerably behind Qualcomm’s most recent and greatest, and its many heat problems were similarly annoying. Additionally, efficiency could definitely use an improvement. Tensor is well behind that endeavour, but the new Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 in devices like the OnePlus 10T and Galaxy Z Flip 4 is a brilliant example of what an efficient CPU can do for smartphones. By the third generation, Google should be able to close the gap and provide a similar Tensor experience to Samsung and others who use Qualcomm Snapdragon.

Unfortunately, we are unsure of the advancements that Tensor’s third generation will make. However, it’s obvious that Google has a lot of work to do. Around the end of 2024, the Pixel 8 series would more likely introduce the third generation of Google Tensor.

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