4 Things Self-Storage Companies Should Do to Improve Their Business Operations

Self-storage facilities are excellent investments and generate a stable income compared to other real estate venues. As a self-storage owner, you can enjoy many perks from such a facility since it has low operating costs and requires less upkeep than traditional offices. However, you can only relish these privileges when you’re able to attract a steady number of consumers to look your way and rent a unit with you.


Consumers are all about convenience and accessibility. As long as you can keep up with those two factors, you’ll have no problem attracting potential clients. To achieve these traits, you must work on your business model and upgrade it from its current standpoint. Your ultimate goal should be to have a self-storage business that is easy to manage, shows up on search engine results immediately, and understands customer service’s significance. So if you’re ready to get started, here are some ways you can improve your self-storage company:


  1. Shed Light on Operational Automation

Automated systems are best for a business as vast as a self-storage industry. This feature allows you to eliminate repetitive tasks, make it easier for your consumers to manage their units individually, and also helps you reduce the need for labor. As a result, you have an effective company that can keep up with the growing consumer population. Automation is the collective mixture of using software, relying on algorithms, and creating more channels for your customers to work on their storage unit. Here’s how you can do this:


  • Utilize a Self-Service Kiosk

Self-service kiosks are a big part of self storage automation as they allow your clients to access all the information they need on your business without needing a representative. A kiosk has both the hardware and software that provides consumers access to all the facilities they need to maintain their storage unit. This includes unlocking the locker, paying the fees, viewing their visitation history, and exploring other available units in your company. This effectively reduces the cost of running your operation and makes self-storage maintenance much more efficient.


  • Install a Software Based Access System

A software-based cloud system allows your consumers to automatically enter the gate code or monitor their unit online. This enables you to encourage more remote working since there is no need for employees on-site, and all the necessary tasks are accomplished on the cloud. Your client can also use their cell phones to unlock their unit for someone else or purchase another unit by viewing their options online.


  • Digitize All Documents

Digital documents facilitate signing agreements and renting units with minimal hassle. Unlike printed paper, digitized documents are easy to store, can be compressed to use less space, and can be accessed by multiple users at a time. Links save you the trouble of visiting clients in person or waiting to meet with a client in the given business hours to get one signature.


  • Enable Online Payments

Most consumers may use credit cards or tools like Apple Pay to make purchases. It is far more accessible for these consumers to use online channels to pay for their facility on time without crowding your front desk. Additionally, you should also activate autopay. This makes it even more convenient for your clients since the money gets transferred automatically. This can reduce the need to send your clients numerous reminders on their due rent.


  1. Turn Towards Smart SEO

Search engine optimization allows you to put your business to the forefront. You get to make yourself more visible and stand out from other companies. Standard methods include creating a fast website with chronologically organized information and a modern finish for aesthetic purposes. You must regularly update your website so that all relevant content, such as a tutorial on managing your first self-storage unit, stays suitable with the changing technology. Another option includes making sure you have a social media presence.


An online public business page on social spaces is a marketing tool. You get access to a broader community, and you can post links to your business on relevant forums. Engaging with your consumers one on one by answering their questions and suggesting your company is a viable solution. Finally, post all the reviews you get on google. This allows your customers to make an informed choice about you and will enable them to see that your business is top-rated among most local users. A five-star rating and a positive note go a long way.


  1. Leverage Data and analytics

Big data has become a part of every business model. Your consumers consistently provide feedback through signed documents, emails, transactions, and interactions with advertisements. You have to use big data to narrow down your target audience and ensure they see your company when looking for self-storage. You should analyze your consumer’s purchasing habits, the feeds and posts they like, and what they share ahead so you can see a pattern to match your advertisement to their needs.


Look at your content and focus on keywords that made clients turn to you, such as discounted large units, affordable prices, and optimal storage location. You should also use predictive analysis to estimate when your system will need maintenance work. If there are any software lags, you should be aware of and repair them before your online business model collapses.


  1. Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Your relationship with your clients becomes much more challenging once they agree to work with you. This is because you must live up to their standards after you get a potential customer. You can’t continue charging them money and provide no services in return. Therefore, always pay attention to the feedback your consumers are providing, invest in chatbots, email your customers on special occasions, and let them know if you have new features added to your kiosk. If you’re creating content for your company, provide your clients with links for viewing. If your unit wasn’t up to the mark or you experienced a lapse in the software, offer a free upgrade but address the issue immediately.


Final Thoughts

As a business owner in the self-storage industry, your goal must be to advance to the top position. However, a business is as good as its customers. So to make sure you’re getting the right kind of attention, there are certain factors you can observe when it comes to managing your units. This includes automating your company making it accessible and convenient for your consumers. Automation is all about installing kiosks, an access control, using digital documents, and making online payments as the default option.


You also need to pay attention to your SEO, create a website social media profile and work on getting reviews that will reflect positively on your company. Try using big data as it allows you to gain valuable insights about consumer habits that can help you generate more personalized ads for them. Finally, you can’t discount customer service. Stay in touch with your clients, learn how they feel about your company, and if you make mistakes, don’t take too long to remedy them.

Anindya Chowdury
Anindya Chowdury
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