Here is a short review of Pixel 6a after 3 weeks of usage.

Lenny got his hands on the Pixel 6a on or before the launch day, and it’s already 3 weeks post-launch. Here is what he thinks about the device after 3 weeks of usage. Please note everything you read now is from Lenny’s perspective.

First, let’s talk about the design and display. The Pixel 6a comes with an identical Pixel 6 look, with most cost-cutting done in the process of reducing the final cost. The Pixel 6a comes with a 60Hz FHD+ OLED display, with 425PPI, and features a punch-hole in between for the selfie camera. It is also protected with Gorilla Glass 3. The brightness of the display is okay-ish, which could have been improved.

Google has used its latest Tensor SoC, which is fully capable of handling the fluidity of the OS, as well as, day-to-day performance. Thanks to the Tensor, the smoothness didn’t make it feel that the display has a 60Hz refresh rate.

With the Pixel 6a, you get a quite old camera sensor system. But it is what it is. On the other hand, thanks to Google’s Computational Photography, the image quality comes out to be superb, but sometimes, you might miss the need for the new and powerful sensors here and there. Other than that, the camera is fully capable of recording [email protected] Other than that, you miss out on the telephoto lens and many other camera features like long exposure shots, and many of them.

As for the battery, it lasts for a day with screen time ranging from 5 hours to 7 hours at max.

For the price of $449, you may not get any better device than this. Although some features are missing out on the device, it’s still a bargain to get a Pixel 6-level performance at this price.

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