iPhone 14 series to get different grades of Samsung Display

It’s been known for a while now that the vanilla iPhone 14 won’t have the same grades of Samsung display as its other counterparts in the series. Thanks to The Elec, we now have information regarding the exact kinds of panels that will be utilized in this lineup.

Samsung’s LTPS backplanes and the M11 material set will be used in the iPhone 14 (6.1″) and iPhone 14 Max (6.7″). This is the group of components used to create the display panel. For Apple’s iPhones and Samsung’s high-end Galaxy phones, the M-series of material sets are used.

The ProMotion function will instead be supported by an LTPO backplane on the iPhone 14 Pro (6.1″) and 14 Pro Max (6.7″). They will also make advantage of the recently created M12 material set.

All four iPhone 14 variants will have Samsung display, which has reportedly secured an order for 80 million screens.

Additionally, LG will contribute by producing panels for both the standard iPhone 14 and the premium iPhone 14 Pro Max. The RS-L material set will be used to create them. With the previous RS-K set, LG was producing iPhone 13 panels last year.

BOE, which reportedly managed to acquire a minor order of panels, albeit not without some difficulties, is not mentioned in Elec’s article.

via - GSMArena

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