The Importance of Diverse Talent in Tech

Diversity is needed in every sector of every workplace. A company cannot function as it should without it. Inclusivity adds so much to the making and marketing of products and services. Businesses lacking it do not grow and evolve — they retain the same viewpoints the founders had without considering how other people feel or experience the world.


Diverse talent can add to any business’s short- and long-term goals. They might even give a new perspective companies may not have considered before.


Here’s why diversity is so vital to technology.

Diversity Brings Different Viewpoints


Companies must consider diversity in all forms when searching for workers. Men often outnumber women in the tech industry. Having more gender diversity in a task force lets companies ensure their marketing reaches people of all genders and identities.


Similarly, having key players from different racial backgrounds can help businesses ensure they’re prioritizing humanity and sensitivity when communicating with their customer base. Over half of all companies lack diversity in their tech force. Change needs to happen in the workplace — it’s the only way to communicate with people from all backgrounds.


Tech companies that employ people from various backgrounds will find some neurodivergent people in the mix. They have ways of thinking that differ from the norm. That doesn’t mean their viewpoints are negative or incorrect — it just means that they look at situations differently and may reach conclusions others could not find.


Companies can entice neurodiverse talent into their workforce by offering different interview options. Some people don’t perform well over the phone, while others might find it difficult to demonstrate their skills while looking someone in the eyes. Written interviews can help all applicants feel like they belong in a certain space.

Customers Respect Diversity


Diverse businesses tend to retain more customers. Evolving customer bases expect marketing to feature more individuals. The brains behind a company should be sure it reflects all its clients. It shows consumers that a company can change with the times and reflect inclusivity for everyone. Adding diversity to a task force or panel can show customers that a business really cares about different perspectives and worldviews, even if it wasn’t a priority in the past.


Hiring more diverse workers shows that a company has lots of input from different backgrounds. Businesses with employees from different racial, geographical and gender backgrounds let consumers know they’ve considered multiple perspectives before putting their product out to the public. Therefore, people are more likely to buy from companies that demonstrate diversity in every step of the process.


A company’s board must ensure that different backgrounds are present in all steps of the decision-making process. Doing so shows the product or service is well-rounded while demonstrating to potential customers that the business cares about diversity.

How Remote Workers Can Help With Diversity


Nearly half of the American workforce works from home full time. Businesses that lean more toward a remote staff setup can also reap inclusivity benefits. These companies browse resumes from all over the country, so they won’t necessarily pull future applicants from one homogenous area. In the future, companies could be employing more diverse people, different from the majority of their staff in terms of race, ability and gender identity.


One of the greatest things about remote work is that companies can employ a broader range of workers. Differently-abled people who may rely on work-from-home opportunities may suddenly have the job of their dreams because a business has chosen to hire remote employees. Remote employment has become more normalized, so it’s easier than ever for those who need to stay at home for their safety to reach their full potential.

Inclusivity and Diversity Remain Most Important


Inclusive tech companies make good impressions on customers. Every business has to make decisions that are right for its growth and should focus on diversity because it values people and their unique experiences and viewpoints. Only by learning about one another and seeing through other people’s eyes can a business truly grow.

Anindya Chowdury
Anindya Chowdury
MERN-Stack Web Developer trying to C Rust. Also writing articles sometimes.

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