Telegram Premium is live – brings more features for premium subscribers.

Telegram with a new update, and celebrating 700 million users, brings new features to the app and has finally introduced a Premium subscription to its user. And as rumors said, the premium subscription will bring in more advanced features for the subscribers. What are the features, let’s have a look.

Increased Upload size and faster downloads.

With the new Premium subscription, Telegram is now allowing up to 4GB of file upload, in comparison to the 2GB limit on the free tier. Although uploading is limited, free users can download these massive size files at no extra charge. Do note that the free and the paid users have unlimited cloud storage as well. Premium users can now download the files with even faster data transfer rates and will be limited by their ISPs.

Double the limits, Voice-to-text, and many other ways to express your feelings.

The premium users can now follow 1000 channels at most, with 20 chat folders having 200 chats in each folder. You also get to pin 10 chats and save up to 10 favorite stickers. You can also add a long bio, save 400 gifs, and have 20 public t(dot)me domains for your channels and chats.

Moreover, you also get the feature of Voice-to-Text as well. One of the reasons why Premium subscribers are privileged is the unique stickers, to express your views. These stickers have full-screen animations.

As for the reactions, there are new reactions for the premium members.

Chat management tools, Animated Profile pictures, and Premium badge.

With the Premium subscription, you also get several chat management tools – Default Chat Folder, and an Auto Mute and Archive option to get out of those annoying chats. Since you are a premium subscriber, you also get the benefit to use an animated profile picture as well.

Just because you are a Premium user, you also get to flex that with a Premium badge on your profile. Not only this, but you also get to use premium icons for the app as well. And specifically, no ads (applicable in countries where sponsored ads are being run on the telegram).

For more details, you can visit Telegram Page

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