Galaxy Z Flip 4 live images leaked, no visual changes so far.

Samsung is going to unveil its upcoming Foldables every year in the month of August-September. The event generally covers the launch of the foldable, alongside with new Watch (although, sometimes). This year, we all might have anticipated new design changes to the new Galaxy Z Flip 4, but it might not be the case, since the new live images leaked on the internet, and showcases how the device will actually look like.

Although there are some minor changes to the device, that is it. As per the previous leaks, you will get a slightly larger outer display, which seems to be with the leaks. And this is proven with the live images that the outer display will actually be slightly bigger than the previous generation.

Other than that, the outer chassis is completely the same as Flip 3. No micro SD slot yet again, and might come with a maximum of 512GB of storage. Here are the images for you to check out.

source: Sammobile

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