Pixel Watch to share the same USB-C charging cable manufacturer as Apple Watch

Google has chosen Compal Electronics of Taiwan to produce the Pixel Watch, which will launch this autumn with a USB-C charger.

According to three FCC postings on Wednesday, 11th of May, the watch will charge via a USB Type-C charger. Google has scheduled the Pixel Watch’s regulatory debut with its on-stage debut at I/O 2022, just like Apple in past.

USB-C charger

The model numbers correspond to the April Bluetooth certification. The GQF4C only offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, but the GBZ4S and GWT9R have LTE capability.

The FCC ID will appear as an e-label in Settings > System > Regulatory Information, rather than as a physical label on the Pixel Watch.

Compal should also be the maker of the Pixel Watch charging cable, according to a fourth FCC ID (G943M) from the same day. Although the Pixel Watch charger should be a simple magnetic puck, the other end will be USB-C. Fitbit’s Sense and Versa 3, as well as Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4, continue to use USB-A.

On Pixel 5 and later, you’ll probably be able to charge the watch with Battery Share, but you’ll also be able to charge it by connecting the cable directly to a phone (or power brick).

Along with Quanta Computer, Compal Electronics is one of the Apple Watch’s manufacturers. Compal began producing Apple’s wearable in 2017 with the Series 1/2 and has continued since then. As a result, it should have experience with smaller form factors, which should translate to better build quality.

via - 9to5Google

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