Pixel Watch: Gets Bluetooth certification!

Google’s Pixel Watch is getting closer to launch as the days progress along with this comes new news about its progress. Now today we get reports that three models of the smartwatch have gotten approval from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) as seen in the listing posted on Tuesday.

Pixel Watch

Google has also been reported filling for a trademark of the phrase “Pixel Watch.” To date we have gotten confirmation on the design and a few key specs of the device, now we the wait for confirmation and certification on the Watch’s software & internal hardware.

With the recent listing of the Bluetooth certification of the watch, we are one step closer to knowing more about the device. For starters, the Watch has a software version number of RWD5.211104.001. The latest Wear OS 3 emulator uses a version starting with “RWD7,” which is a few releases behind what’s currently available to developers through Android Studio. However, it’s unlikely that Google will release the Watch with months-old software, and this was most likely just for testing purposes. The Watch model numbers provided on the Bluetooth listing provide the more significant information. There are three different Watch versions — GWT9R, GBZ4S, and GQF4C — rather than just one.

Pixel Watch

We can only assume what distinguishes these three models due to a lack of hard evidence. Due to the diverse cellular bands required, our leading opinion is that, rather than having numerous models side by side in stores, Google may offer a distinct model in different parts of the world. This has become standard procedure for Google’s Pixel phones in recent years, so the Pixel Watch should do the same.

Pixel Watch

Once the wristwatch reaches its next regulatory stop, the FCC, we should learn a little more about the distinctions between these Pixel Watch variants. Each model will normally have its own listing there, allowing us to examine the relationship and size differences, if any, between them.

Further information on the progress of the watch will be given in the coming days.

via:  9to5Google

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