Apple Self-repair kits go official in the US.

After fighting for so long against the Right to repair, Apple is finally backtracking its statements and started releasing self-repair kits in the US. Last year, Apple took the step to announce self-repair kits with 200 parts at the beginning for the iPhone 12 and 13, along with iPhone SE.

iPhone users can order parts from Apple Self Service Repair Store, and start performing repairs in the comfort of their homes. Other than the parts, you can also rent the toolkit to open your iPhone for a price of $49 a week. If you mail the old parts, you are bound to get store credits in return.

The pricing of each kit is mentioned, even the security screws. They also ship bundles for display, taptic engine for iPhone 12, 13, and iPhone SE 2022. For example, the iPhone 13 Mini display kit will cost you $227.95 which comes with the original display, adhesive, universal screw kit, and Security Screws. One thing worth noting is, that Apple is asking you to contact them for the System Configuration software tool, I guess, for pairing the display with the device.

Apple also mentions that performing DIY repair with the ordered parts will not void the device warranty, however, should be done by those who know what they are doing. In case, a part gets damaged during the repair, the part will not be covered under warranty.



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