Android 13 Beta 1: Now goes live for Pixel Phones!

Google has released the first Android 13 beta 1 after only two developer preview versions. This is the first of four beta releases that will take place before the final stable version is released later this year.

The beta, as expected, gives users early access to features that will most likely be included in the final Android 13 version. Notification permissions, per-app language choices, a better photo picker, themed icon support, and more are all included.

Android 13 Beta 1

By offering more granular permissions for media in the first beta, Google is advancing its efforts on user privacy. This implies that instead of offering blanket permission for storage access, users will have to allow media apps permission to specific media kinds. An app that requests permission for both photos and video, on the other hand, will display a single dialogue for both.

Developer-focused features like improved Keystore and KeyMint error reporting are also included in Android 13 Beta 1. There are also new routing APIs that allow the OS to check audio files to ensure that the device (phone speakers, Bluetooth earbuds, Nest speaker, and so on) can play them without modification. This will aid media app developers in determining the optimum audio format.

Android 13 Beta 1

In contrast to prior years, Google has chosen a shorter developer preview period this year, publishing the beta a month earlier and ahead of Google I/O. Because Android 13 is expected to be a follow-up to Android 12L, which will be released later this year on many of the finest foldable phones and tablets, it seems reasonable that Google will spend less time in the early preview phase.

As predicted, Google will provide additional details about new Android 13 features at this year’s Google I/O, but until then, we’ll tinker with the first beta to see what else we can find out before the second update arrives in May.

Android 13 Beta 1

Given the shorter developer preview period, Android 13 could arrive sooner than Android 12 did last year, allowing more OEMs to update their devices before the end of 2022 (though don’t hold your breath).

Those interested in trying out the beta can do so today by enrolling in the program and downloading and installing it on their eligible Pixel smartphones. Of course, because the software isn’t complete, we don’t recommend installing it on your primary phone.

Android 13 Beta 1

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via: Android Central

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