Samsung’s three-year OS update policy is just a gimmick for mid-range devices.

Just before Samsung announced that it will provide four-year of OS updates to the selected A series devices, they also said that the old selected A-series devices will get three-year OS upgrades. However, this is not what is going on, especially in the Indian market.

As per their update schedule published on their good for nothing Samsung Members, the affected devices – Galaxy A51 and the Galaxy A71 will get updated in the month of April this year. I get it that April has not yet ended. But how come they are pushing updates to the devices scheduled after the said devices?

Just for reference, Galaxy A51 and A71 were launched with Android 10 with OneUI 2.5 out of the box. And as per their new policy, these two devices are scheduled to get up to Android 13. However, the massive delay with the software update, and that too after pushing the device to a biannual update, hurts the devices’ reputation in the market.

The last software update for the Galaxy A71 was pushed in the month of February, after waiting six months of security updates, that was released in July 2021. And do note, that the device was not scheduled for biannual at that time. Just after the six months of delay, the devices were pushed to a biannual schedule.

And now the Android 12 update. Both these devices are set to get Android 12 with OneUI 4.1. And some of the devices are already getting the update. But Samsung India is so useless and pathetic, they neither come out clean that the devices will no more be updated due to some unforeseen issues nor do they even bother to mention why the updates are getting so delayed.

In comparison to the Galaxy A51, which used to get timely updates, Galaxy A71 struggled for the updates a lot. And all this happened just after the Android 11 upgrade. Since then, Samsung has just completely ignored the device.

Devices, for example, the Galaxy M32 device got a Beta update and a stable version after a week in India. Why? The device was set to receive the update in June, so how come they get fast updates than better A-series devices? Even though it’s OneUI 4 Core, I don’t think there is much of a difference, minus some features and apps like the Samsung Spay framework, which is useless for me anyways.

Plus with delayed updates, comes tons of crapware.

The way how things are going, I will just conclude that Samsung’s software update policy is just a gimmick, at least for the mid-range devices. Since if it is happening with 2 years old devices, this will happen with the last year’s A52 series and A72, as well as the A53 and A73.

They say Knox will handle the security, but what about the bugs and loopholes inside your OS. If you cannot give monthly updates to each device, just stop making tons of devices every year.

Quarterly updates are themselves creating security issues.

Source: My Brain

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