Galaxy S20 FE 2022: Launches quietly!

Samsung just quietly launched a new handset for its home country, Galaxy S20 FE 2022. The handset is an identical copy of the S20 FE launched in 2022 but a cheaper version of it.

Galaxy S20 FE 2022

The final price of the Galaxy S20 FE 2022 is KRW 700,000 ($575/€525), but most buyers will most likely receive a carrier-subsidized version. The new model is identified by its model number, SM-G781NK22 (or just SM-G781NK in some places). Cloud White, Cloud Lavender, and Cloud Navy are the only hues offered.

Galaxy S20 FE 2022

As far as we can tell, this is the same phone as the original Galaxy S20 FE 5G (Snapdragon 865 CPU and all), with the exception that the AKG headphone is no longer included in the retail bundle and the price has been reduced by KRW 200,000.

The ironic thing is that KT is throwing in a free AKG headset with every purchase made before the end of April, making this nothing more than a ruse to get people to buy the original Galaxy S20 FE 5G at a discount.

Galaxy S20 FE 2022

Samsung has not yet made an official announcement. Other countries, too, have seen no sign of the 2022 edition.

via -  GSMArena

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