Google: March Feature Drop to drop next week!

So far, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro’s software update cycle has been a rollercoaster – either they’ve never received a monthly security patch on schedule, like prior Pixels, or upgrades have broken more things than they mended. With the February 2022 release, the phones received their first monthly security patch on time. Unfortunately, with the Android 12L-based March 2022 Feature Drop, things were back to square one, as all previous Pixel phones, with the exception of the Pixel 6 series, received the update on a schedule. Now, if Canadian carrier Fido’s OS upgrade schedule is to be believed, the March Feature Drop for the Pixel 6 series should arrive on Monday, March 21st.

March Feature Drop

The corporation has a habit of discontinuing new products, Fido’s assertion of a March 21 release seems to match with Google’s practice of releasing upgrades for Pixel phones on the first Monday of each month or successive Mondays after that. Beginning March 7, the March 2022 Feature Drop began rolling out to Pixel 3a through Pixel 5a. When we approached Google about the missing Pixel 6 releases back then, it said they needed some extra bug fixes and validation, which caused the distribution to be delayed.

March Feature Drop

The March 2022 update will bring numerous new features to the Pixel 6 series, including a new battery widget, enhancements to At a Glance, and support for three more languages in Assistant Quick phrases, in addition to resolving a slew of bugs and issues, including some Wi-Fi disconnection issues and Call Captioning in Real-Time However, some of the enhancements aren’t connected to the release and have already begun to appear on the Pixel 6 series. This includes custom Gboard stickers and Snapchat Night Sight support, the latter of which is enabled for some users thanks to a recent Pixel Camera Services update.


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